Monthly Optimists Discussion – May 2024

Welcome to the Monthly Optimists Discussion thread. As the title implies, the purpose of this thread is to promote discussion which is guardedly optimistic about cryptocurrency topics. This thread is intended to be a counterweight to the Skeptics Discussion thread and will be pinned when the markets are bearish.

Please read the rules and guidelines before participating.



This discussion thread has much higher standards compared to the Daily Discussion thread. Please behave in accordance with the following rules.

All r/CC rules apply.

For top-level comments, a minimum of 250 characters will be imposed as well as a minimum of 1000 comment karma and 6 months account age.

Discussions must be on topic, ie positive but not to the point of being absurd or utopian. Statements should be substantiated with sound reason and/or evidence. For example, announcing an obscure online store is adopting coin X for payments and then speculate Amazon will adopt it next without evidence. Also, discussions about market analysis, financial advice, or tech support will most likely be removed and is better suited for the daily thread.

Low-effort comments promoting coins or tokens will be removed. For example, comments saying “Buy coin X!” or “Coin X is going to the moon!🚀”, showcasing the current composition of your portfolio, or stating you sold coin X for coin Y, will be removed. In other words, no shilling.

Offensive language, profanity, trolling, and satire will be removed. This thread is intended for mature discussion.

Most of the above rules will be promptly enforced upon top-level comments by AutoModerator. Please report shilling or any comments which violate the rules.


Resources and Tools:

Read through the Cointest Archive to find positive material to discuss and consider participating in the contest if you’re interested.

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