Seeing all this HYPE surrounding Trump’s apparent support for crypto inspired me to provide some insight

Trump spent his presidency making promises of what he was going to deliver to us citizens in his term. He has always been willing to do and say anything to advance his aspirations of power.

In his term:

He promised jobs – never delivered

He promised infrastructure – never delivered

He promised Healthcare – never delivered

He promised middle class tax cuts – never delivered (gave tax cuts to the rich instead)

He was not pro-crypto during his term either, and just flip flopped now that he thinks it can garner him some swing votes.

Surely he will deliver this time, though. Surely.

Trump has also been found guilty of defrauding the people of New York to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you think he has your best interests in mind when it comes to your coin? Or is it just another empty promise to help him get what he wants?

Even if you are a single issue voter, you can’t (in his conscience/good faith) take his word on anything.

I don’t care for either candidate, but to simply take Trump’s word at face value, just because it sounds good, is the reason we have so many clowns running the show on both sides of the isle right now.

Also, let’s not forget that the government is never going to be a friend to bitcoin. Bitcoin is a mechanism of attaining self-sovereignty, amongst many other pro’s. The established power structure only cares about one thing: staying in power at all costs.

Keep government out of crypto.

Debate is encouraged, but provide counter-points

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