Top 4 Solana Telegram Trading Bots

What Is a Solana Telegram Trading Bot?
A Solana Telegram trading bot is a software program built within the Telegram messaging app that automates cryptocurrency trading on the Solana blockchain. These bots allow users to conduct swaps faster than connecting manually to a DEX. Some of the most popular Telegram trading bots on Solana are BONKbot, Pumpill, Trojan On Solana and Shuriken

BONKbot has 300,000 users and uses Jupiter DEX, boasting over $5 billion in trading volume..

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Trojan on Solana (previously Unibot on Solana) bot achieved $2 billion trading volume, with over 140,000 users.

Trojan Shuriken supports multiple blockchains, with a trade volume of $360 million and over 25,000 users.