FBIs crypto crackdown

Question about the recent announcement by the FBI regarding crypto. They mentioned that anything not KYCed would be cracked down upon, but it seemed vaguely worded (likely intentionally). I wanted to know what that meant exactly.

Either A) they’re warning the creators of Metamask, other wallets, exchanges, etc that they’re coming for them if they’re not requiring KYC

B) they’re also warning anyone that uses these wallets or exchanges they’re a target

Or C) they’re saying if you use MM, wallets, or exchanges, and they arrest someone that has your money, your money is lost and that’s the risk you’re taking.

I primarily use Coinbase, Coinbase wallet, and Metamask to connect to random crypto sites for trading. I wanted to see if I’m safe or to basically stop for now until a resolution comes through? I’m a little fish, so it’s not like I’m trading millions. Thanks.

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