I’ve created a Black Mirror-style Game, and hidden seed words throughout it.

Hi again r/cc!

I’ve created a black-mirror style, choose-your-own-adventure hypertext browser game.

I’ve hidden seed words throughout it. You must solve puzzles and combine clues to find these seed words.

Once found, these words will form seed phrases that can be used to unlock various wallets containing a total of 1.2 ETH (currently worth ~$6k AUD)*.

2 mini wallets have already been drained. 1.15 ETH left to be won.

Here are the wallets:
(click the top right icon to join the chat, where you can form teams, discuss gameplay and talk shit with other players)

Here is the current mini wallet to be unlocked, where you will have to past a Turing Test:
(choose your path)



Start the game from the beginning:


You do not need to connect your wallet at any point. You must solve the puzzles to get the seed words (think of it like proof-of-work). There is no other way to win.

My last game can be found here. It was won in 2 months.

I know I’ve posted this here before, but I worked super super hard on this game so I’d love more players. Current players have been smashing it!

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