Is Crypto 99% overhyped scam?

I am a web dev and joined a crypto company as a frontend dev recently. This has raised my interest in crypto and the more I read about it and interact with the community, the more I feel like about 95% is an overcomplicated way to create a ponzi scheme…

I am pretty sure that the narrative of “everything will run on the blockchain” is not true at all, because smart contracts are just shit. They can only really interact with blockchain data and not with real world stuff and apis, because then the whole concept of trustless applications falls apart –> so no point in going the extra extra mile of implementing business logic on a resource-limited EVM in my opinion.

Anyways, that did not stop me yet. Now I am trying to just get my hands dirty and try to build something to see how it feels like developing on the blockchain. I picked a Super Tic Tac Toe running on Solana and people actually told me: “just do a rug pull; thats simpler”, basically telling me I should just scam people. This also shows me that the community is purely toxic.

There are a few interesting projects like Nosana, Render, etc, which try to run a GPU network on the blockchain to make training AI models cheaper, but that can’t be it. Like seriously, there must be something I am not seeing because I don’t understand the technology enough, right? I don’t want to invest too much into learning this technology just to come back a year later knowing that this is just a complicated scam.

What are your thoughts on blockchain development?

PS: I am seriously asking because I hope to get some different perspective on the subject that can give back the motivation to learn more and go further in this space.

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