FOMO catches you the hardest, if you haven’t invested a bit during dips.

FOMO which means “fear of missing out” already described it very well. We all don’t want to miss out, in any aspect.

If you tell yourself that we will go as far as $40k, then dont buy it hits back $61k, dips back $58k and so on and forth…slowly crabbing up back above $75k…this is when you really start to FOMO back hard.

Firstly because in the meantime you have hoarded more fiat and secondly, the feeling being sideline are a longer period of time doing nothing is unbearable (people feel even more relieved panicselling than doing nothing).

Ofc dips can keep dipping, but if you DCA with every dip, you dont get caught by the urge to FOMO as if you hold back your urge to invest.

not financial advice, but I am still a crypto toddler, born during 2021 heights, grown up during hard crypto winter with fallouts of LUNA crash, FTX extinction and Celcius bankruptcy, which all made me numb to pain, I can only buy. Need to get a exit strategy which I hope to learn this cycle.

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