Why now is the best time to load up on BTC and crypto

I’m seeing a lot of calls for low 50s and high 40s already calling this drop obvious and the continuation of it also obvious. Of course, these same people also call it obvious after the fact. If you’ve been in this market for anything longer than even two years, you know that Bitcoin loves to never follow the obvious. More often than not, people calling for lower prices have an incentive to do so. They’ve often sold during panic and want their narrative to play out so that they can validate themselves.

Price moves based upon recent events the most. And the recent events are still bullish.

What are these?

As everyone already knows, the BTC halving just recently happened. Historically, the greatest and most exponential rises happen right after the halving. Selling now basically means you most likely miss out on a huge part of the run. For reference, the price was about 10k after the halving in 2020. It dropped about 20% from the last high (just like now). It then rose and peaked at 69k.

COIN earnings are coming up tomorrow. If you look at COIN’s chart, it has often front ran BTC. It made huge moves in 2023 where BTC then eventually followed. Their upcoming quarterly report will report earnings in the first quarter of 2024. For obvious reasons, the numbers will be huge because that was exactly the period BTC, ETH, and tons of other cryptos went on a huge run

There’s a general distaste and dislike for crypto outside of this sub. Entire subs have been created just to mock crypto. If any of the recent events in the market have taught you, doubt and uncertainty are good opportunities to buy, not sell. It’s the number one mistake people make. It’s similar to how people keep shorting TSLA or NVDA recently only for those stocks to rise. The same arguments that people use against crypto and how it doesn’t have a use case are the same arguments people used when BTC was at 500, 1k, 20k, 30k, 40k, or 50k. The point is that the market doesn’t care about what they think. And shorts are often the reason the market continues to go up. Hence why I think this will continue to go up

TL;DR Use fear as an opportunity to buy, not sell. At the same time, waiting for lower prices often doesn’t materialize since others are thinking similarly to you

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