Planning to DCA out during possible upcoming bull run

Hi everyone. So I’ve been reading people’s feelings and plans for the next bull run around here and I’d like to just pick your brains.

For the most part I get the impression people are extrapolating the price targets based on the previous halvings and therefore it is somewhat my general impression people are expecting the top to be around 150-200 (please comment if you disagree).

I was kind of more thinking about DCAing out from a temporal perspective rather than a price target perspective – I’ve seen 15 to 18 months as the projected expected top.

So if I would like to combine DCAing out from both projections combined how would I go about drafting a plan for that?

So for example, considering only BTC, I would plan to start DCAing out from like 13 to 20 months and adjust starting time to begin earlier if it crosses 200k before 13 months post halving and finish selling earlier or later if it seems like it’s still going strong or showing weakness (whatever that means).

Does anyone have a plan combining these two end points or if not help me define one a bit better as I’m not sure how to go about it?

Thanks 👍

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