There’s a Snake in my Boot – Welcome to the 23rd Week of RCC Tracking!

There’s a Snake in my Boot – Welcome to the 23rd Week of RCC Tracking!

Hello All and Happy Friday! Getting a bit of a late start today so I apologize, we’ve had an interesting 23 morning. Getting my wife and daughter out the door for school only to find a baby snake in our garage. YIKES! Any snake experts out there can you help confirm for me that this is in fact a copperhead? Pretty sure it is but just would like to hear from someone smarter than me to be 23 sure.

And the snake wasn’t even the craziest part…..anyways let’s get into it for this week! It being Week 23 want to add a fun little game, try to find all the number 23s mentioned in the body of the post (title doesn’t count) and post your guesses in the comments. Here we go!

Data from last week 4.26.24:

Data from this morning 5.3.24:

I thought about making 23 points for today but decided against it haha. The first things that jumped out at me were we had a bit of a shake up in the market cap order: Banano flipped Bricks! Woohoo!! Also, in a bit of a surprise GODL flipped the stalwart that is POOP and then in a pretty big shocker BONE flipped TACO.

Second thing I noticed is I think a bit of a two fold issue. TACOs holder number had a big jump (way more than normal) by going up by 52 wallets. That’s something I’ve mentioned in the past that I wanted to be watching for. However, I think adding those wallets also lead to a pretty big drop in market cap. Which leads me to believe that most of those “new” wallets are people who just realized or found out they had tokens and decided to dump them for something else. Either way, something I’m watching going forward.

Another couple subtle things I saw that just made me smile were the sub members totals for CryptoCurrency and the23. I really like nice round numbers and seeing three zeros on the end of the CryptoCurrency sub number made me smile, just as the 911 number for the23 sub did haha. It’s the little things sometimes people!

My final point is that by this time next week the 3 month clock will have expired on the SHROOM and BUCKET tokens timelines. So I anticipate so interesting movement in the days to come as people jockey for those new tokens. We may even see a couple other surprises before my next post as well. I’ll be doing my best to watch it all and keep you informed. Until then, thanks for joining me in Week 23. Going do my best to enjoy the 23 delicious flavors of Dr. Pepper later today! Stay classy out there and be kind!

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