Special Memberships are Now Live on r/CC!

Special Memberships are Now Live on r/CC!

A little over two weeks ago mods soft launched Special Memberships on CC Moons. Today we’re excited to announce the full roll out! Having a special membership will now give you benefits in the following three subs r/CryptoCurrency, r/CryptoCurrencyMoons, and r/CryptoCurrencyMemes

Activating your special membership in any sub will automatically give you a special membership status in all three. Not only are they live some upgrades have also been implemented to special membership offerings. We now offer the following four Burn options for purchasing a special membership:

Arbitrum Nova Monthly (currently 24 Moons) Arbitrum Nova Annual (currently 288 Moons) Arbitrum One Monthly (currently 24 Moons) Arbitrum One Annual (currently 288 Moons)


Your membership will be linked to a Reddit Vault through an NFT: as a result you can purchase a membership and transfer or gift it (the NFT) to a valid Reddit Vault address. Note: the membership timer starts when it is minted not when it is activated. More on activating membership below

Importantly these memberships DO NOT STACK. Meaning if you purchase multiple they will run concurrently and can not be activated one after the other. Purchasing multiple is only recommended if you plan on gifting them to another party.

The plan is to update the membership NFT every Moon Week. The price will be set at $5 worth of Moons (the special membership cost prior to Reddit ending their involvement in the project – we will finally keep the cost pegged to the actual market price of Moons, also updated every Moon Week).

Please reach out to the mods if you are interested in submitting artwork to be used for future membership NFTs.

How to start your membership:

Go to www.ccmoons.com/subscribe Connect your wallet and purchase your Desired Membership NFT by completing the transaction. All Moons go to the Dead wallet and are burned. Remember to set token approval to the required amount of Moons, do not over approve spending of Moons. Come back to and type !subscribe in a reply to this post (or another post on r/cc.) You will get a message stating your Membership is active, and you can start enjoying the benefits of the membership.

How to set your Custom Flair once you start your membership:

Click here for the template message to request a flair on CC. Click here for the template message to request a flair on CCMoons. Click here for the template message to request a flair on CCMemes. Replace the body text with your desired flair. (no special characters and 30 characters max) Send Message and wait a bit to get a response from the bot confirming your flair has been set.


Q: If I purchase multiple memberships can they be used consecutively?

A: No, the 30 day timer for the membership starts when it is minted. Purchasing multiple at the same time will not extend your membership or give you any additional benefits.

Q: If you purchase a membership OTC from something like OpenSea does the timer start when it’s purchased.

A: No the timer starts when it’s minted. Purchasing an old membership OTC will not give you a fresh membership. If there is any time on it, it will be based off of when it was minted.

Q: Why are you allowing for multiple purchases?

A: We want to make it possible for users to gift other users memberships.

Q: If the membership is changing monthly do these sort of become collectibles?

A: There is no benefit to possessing an old membership. We do not recommend users purchase membership NFTs for any reason but using or gifting.

Q: If I transfer my membership NFT out of my vault what happens?

A: Your membership will end immediately.

Q: I don’t (or don’t want to) have my Reddit account’s vault on a hot wallet – what can I do?

A: You can purchase using a different wallet and transfer the NFT to your vault address.

Q: The subscribe page says ‘x out of 1,000’ is 1,000 the total of these initial Member NFTs?

A: No mods will make more NFTs available to mint if demand necessitates it.

Q: What happens if I try and post a gif without a special membership?

A: AutoMod will remove it and instruct you to get a special membership to be able to post a gif.


Q: GIFS aren’t working on PC, what’s going on?

A: In internal testing we found that some GIFS no longer load site wide on Reddit when posted from a browser window. (or you may not be able to view gifs at all on a browser). To get the most out of your GIFS it is highly recommended that you post GIFS from the Reddit mobile app.

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