Kinda want advice, also want to talk

This will be my second bullrun and I look very forward to it. The last bullrun I could’ve made alot more money but I never sold and just kept watching it go down. This year I plan on hopefully making more than 50k but more is better too. I buy my cryptos on coinbase. I am a line cook so I make good money and have only 2 bills totaling 600$ a month. I get paid every thursday, every friday im buying 500$ worth of cryptos each time. Last time I kept all my money in one place but this time I plan on holding 10 cryptos max, holding 7 so far ! Im not looking for all time highs but I am looking for these crypto to atleast 5x from now.

Any crypto I should look into for my last 3 choices!

Lets all change ours lives !

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