I get why CT loves Trump despite his initial criticism of crypto.

For those that have been living under a rock somewhere, Trump has been wooing the crypto bros for about a year now. It started with his NFT collection and then disdain for CBDCs and has now morphed into a full blown love affair with the industry.

Why don’t you get why so many in the crypto industry are going to vote for him? Their livelihoods and careers depend on this industry. I would say that’s a pretty good reason to be a single issue voter.

But Biden pivoted? Doesn’t that mean he’s ok now?

The best take I’ve seen was on Twitter. If you have an abusive husband who’s been beating you for 2 years straight and doing all sorts of illegal stuff and then gets told if he keeps doing it he will get thrown in jail, would you trust that person’s “sudden” change of heart?

The Biden administration has been actively trying to destroy the crypto industry in America for 2 years now. This includes possible conspiracy to intentionally collapse 2 crypto tied banks. An SEC that has completely broken its mandate as a merit based regulator and even been specifically called out in court as acting illegally when dealing with crypto firms. An FDIC that has participated in Operation Chokepoint 2.0 that starved crypto companies from banking services in the U.S.

And then after all these dirty and illegal tactics we are now supposed to trust this administration because they finally realized their incompetent and corrupt approach to crypto might cost them a close election?


I can understand if you’re not a single issue voter. I can understand if crypto means nothing to you and your disdain for Trump.

But for those who have staked their livelihoods, reputations, and careers on this industry do you honestly expect them to vote for Biden? RFK Jr. is at least a palatable alternative but his chances of winning are slim.

So don’t be surprised if come November that Trump wins the crypto vote and that could push him over the top in a tight election.

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