Moon Week 49

Hello everyone and welcome to Moon Week for round 49 of Moons! For more information about Moons, please see our wiki page here.

We are using Snapshot for voting directly with the Moon balance in your wallet, in a transparent and open manner. For now all Moons held in self-hosted wallets at the time of poll creation will be eligible to vote, so if you are holding Moons on an exchange, the telegram TipBot or in a wallet that you are not comfortable connecting to snapshot then please be sure to transfer your Moons to a self-hosted wallet that you are comfortable connecting to snapshot before each Moon Week. You can see our schedule here.

To give exposure to our governance polls for the month, this Moon Week post will remain pinned to the top of the subreddit until next Monday. Please review the following important information first:

Successful polls are implemented whenever the responsible party has a chance to do it. Usually this is within days or weeks of the poll passing, but depends on workload, priorities, and complexity of implementation. You can look at implementation status on the CCIP list.. In the event of incompatible polls passing, the poll with more Moons voting in favor will be considered the winner and the other will not be implemented.

Governance Polls

Here’s your poll(s) for this round of Moons. You can view the full CCIP list here.

CCIP-087 – Abandon all CCIPs related to karma calculation for distributions (Snapshot direct link) CCIP-088 – Remove only the complicated and obsolete karma calculations, keep only the urgent and essential CCIPs we need from day 1 (Snapshot direct link)

Previous Polls and results

Passed – CCIP-086 – Proposal to abandon Marshall Islands incorporation for MOON DAO at least for some time (Snapshot direct link)

Thank you for reading and happy voting!

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