Trump is NOT “better” for crypto.

There has been an overwhelming number of pro-Trump posts on this sub recently. All claiming that he is the god damned bitcoin messiah. My question is this: How fucking blind do you have to be to believe the lies of this dipshit? What in the world makes you think he’s a pro-crypto candidate? Is it because someone make NFTs out of a collection of AI generated images glorifying your saggy orange demi-god? (Newsflash, that was a grift. Another in his long line of grifts since the 80s.) Is it because he said something about being pro-crypto? Well, that motherfucker says a lot of things, and you can look at the tale of the tape to see how few of them are truth.

I have to assume that the “people” posting these things are Russian bots, but god damn, it gets tiresome seeing this pants-shitting wannabe con man raiding this sub with more nonsense. I’d rather be pissed off about politicians that are willingly stifling crypto than to see dumbasses fall for false hope in this idiots lying bullshit about being pro-crypto. He ain’t. And he isn’t fighting for the poor. He’s fighting for his own pockets. Not yours.

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