Deep Dive into Pepe(SOL)

Deep Dive into Pepe(SOL)

I’ve been diving deep into the PEPE(SOL) token, and I wanted to share my findings. After all, everyone always says, DYOR, and I took that to heart. I created a detailed Dune Analytics Dasboard (I won’t link it here, but you can go find it – search “pepesol”

Accumulation by Top 1,000 & 5,000 Holders:

One of the most intriguing insights from my research is the accumulation trend among the top 1,000 & 5,000 holders of Pepe(SOL). According to the data from my Dune Analytics dashboard, these holders have been steadily increasing their positions. Here’s a closer look at what this means and why it’s a positive indicator for the project. Here are two graphs of the current distribution:

Now this distribution is not for the total supply of 1B tokens, but of the top wallets.

Data Highlights:

Consistent Accumulation: Over the past few days, there’s been a clear trend of accumulation among the top 1,000 and 5000 holders. This is not just a sporadic spike but a sustained increase in holdings. Large Holders Confidence: The top holders, who are often more informed and strategic, seem to have a strong conviction in the project. Their actions can be seen as a vote of confidence in Pepe(SOL)’s potential. Or they’re just degenerate gamblers like me. Market Stability: When a significant portion of the supply is held by these top holders, it can contribute to market stability. These holders are less likely to panic sell, reducing the likelihood of sharp price drops.

These two illustrations show the amount of net positive change to their collective wallets over the past 24 hours:

Why Accumulation is Positive

1. Confidence in the Project:

Accumulation by top holders indicates their confidence in the project’s future. These holders likely have access to better information and resources, and their actions can reflect positive expectations for the project’s development and long-term value.

2. Reduced Volatility:

When a large percentage of the token supply is held by committed holders, it can lead to reduced market volatility. This stability is crucial for attracting new investors who are often wary of highly volatile assets.

3. Potential for Growth:

With more tokens being accumulated and taken out of circulation, the potential for price appreciation increases as demand outpaces the available supply. This can create a more favorable environment for price growth.


Another critical aspect of analyzing the Pepe(SOL) token is examining the transaction volume and the growth in the number of holders over the past 5 days. This data can provide insights into the token’s current activity and adoption trends.

Transaction Volume

Over the past 5 days, Pepe(SOL) has seen a notable increase in transaction volume. Here are some key points:

Daily Transactions: The number of daily transactions has been on a steady pace. This suggests growing interest and activity within the Pepe(SOL) ecosystem. Average Transaction Size: Alongside the increase in the number of transactions, the average transaction size has also shown a moderate rise. This indicates not only more frequent transactions but also larger ones, possibly reflecting increased confidence among traders and investors. Peak Activity: There was a significant spike in transaction volume on the first day, due to a major announcement of the dev sending 15% of the total supply to Pauly0x (he’s since distributed out 5% of the tokens to the community). These spikes can be seen as a negative, but the distribution for holders has been good.

Holder Growth

The number of unique holders is a vital metric for understanding the token’s adoption. Over the past 5 days, Pepe(SOL) has experienced substantial growth in its holder base:

New Holders: There has been a steady increase in the number of new holders each day, indicating that more individuals are becoming interested in and investing in Pepe(SOL). Retention Rate: The retention rate of holders (the percentage of holders who continue to hold the token over time) remains high. This suggests that once individuals invest in Pepe(SOL), they are likely to hold onto it rather than selling off quickly. Cumulative Growth: The cumulative growth rate of holders over the past 5 days shows a strong upward trajectory. This reflects increasing adoption and a growing community of supporters.

Why This Matters

The rise in transaction volume and the growth in the number of holders are both positive indicators for Pepe(SOL). Here’s why:

Increased Liquidity: Higher transaction volumes generally mean increased liquidity, making it easier for investors to buy and sell the token without significantly impacting the price. Wider Adoption: The growth in the number of holders suggests that Pepe(SOL) is gaining traction and attracting a broader audience. This can lead to a more robust and active community, which is crucial for the long-term success of any project. Positive Market Sentiment: Rising transaction volumes and holder growth typically reflect positive market sentiment. When more people are buying and holding a token, it often indicates confidence in the project’s future.

So if this post stays up, great, I hope that you can look at PEPE(SOL) as a serious token on the Solana blockchain. But also, when people say DYOR to pass the buck, do some analysis of your own. Build out a Dune Analytics Dashboard to help you make decisions. Does your project have data readily available? Also – this will flip PEPE on ETH which I bought into on the third day at $6M market cap; it’s been good to me.

Disclosure: I hold 417,000 PEPE(SOL) tokens.

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