🚨Reddit AMA with GoMining CEO Mark Zalan today, May 31st at 14:00 UTC!

Join us to discuss the latest BTC mining news and updates, GoMining development updates and get your questions answered.🎙

📅 Date: Friday, May 31st

🕘 Time: 2 PM UTC

👉 Place: The AMA will take place on the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit.

Mark your calendars, see you there! 🙌

💫Get your questions ready because lucky participants who ask the best questions will receive 50 GoMining tokens each! Don’t miss the chance to ask what interests you, learn more about Bitcoin industry trends and GoMining and win tokens!

We’re excited to see you there and hear your thoughts! 👀

About GoMining:

GoMining is a Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate protocol.

Gomining allows users to own Bitcoin hashrate digitally as an NFT asset on the Ethereum/BNB chains and the Bitcoin blockchain (ordinals) without the necessity to own or maintain their physical mining infrastructure.

It simplifies Bitcoin mining for millions of users and unlocks the huge potential of Bitcoin hashrate to be used as RWA (Real World Asset) in Defi.

The hashrate NFT position continuously generates Bitcoins and can be traded or used as collateral in Defi like any other asset. To make this possible, Gomining created and developed the Liquid Bitcoin Hashrate (LBH) concept: while the physical mining equipment and the corresponding hashrate operate in the data center, the user owns an NFT that represents the hashrate position.

The LBH tokens can be used in DeFi like Ethereum-based LSTs (liquid staking tokens) : they generate income on behalf of their owner, can be traded, and can be used in Defi protocols for borrowing/lending purposes. For example, LBH tokens can be used as collateral for borrowing stablecoins for farming strategies and providing additional income to the LBH token owner. In addition to using NFTs for bitcoin mining or Defi-related activities, NFT owners can participate in play-to-earn mechanics that enrich the NFT-based mining experience, engage the community, and provide additional income to NFT owners. Gomining actively develops GameFi elements that allow users to generate additional income in NFTs on top of primary BTC mining proceeds.

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