Has anyone managed to get coins off the exchange “Bibox”?

I bought some Bibox exchange tokens back in 2017/2018 during the spike in exchange coins. Back when Binance was tiny and no one really knew which exchanges would grow or not. Obviously I don’t keep coins on exchanges (although that’s no excuse for exchanges to steal customer funds) except for some exchange coins. In this case the coins were locked up (the usual) in order to generate coins (similar to BNB on Binance). It wasn’t too big an amount. In 2021 I managed to get some out of the exchange. Since end of last year (2023) they are responding to all my mails however they keep using the same line of “just have patience our technical teams are looking at it”, for 9 months now.

Has anyone had any luck getting funds off this exchange in the last 9 months? If yes, how did you do it?

Again, it’s not a huge amount, the usual disclaimers apply (don’t keep funds in exchange) and indeed back then we didn’t know which exchanges would grow or die.

If I sort exchanges by volume, it’s ahead of Uniswap and Raydium. That could all be fake, but it seems as if activity is still happening there, plus I see new coins being listed and so on. So something is occurring there. That said, the Bibox sub is not allowing any new posts in over 2 years now.

To all those who will reply with the usual responses, scolding and it’s a scam, fine, just really want to know if anyone actually made any progress, thanks.

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