Vitalik gives his most updated thoughts on the blocksize war

Recently I finished reading (or rather, audio-listening) the two main history books covering the great Bitcoin block size war of the 2010s, from opposite ends of the spectrum:

Jonathan Bier’s The Blocksize War, telling the story from a pro-small-block perspective

Roger Ver and Steve Patterson’s Hijacking Bitcoin, telling the story from a pro-big-block perspective

It was fascinating to read these two histories of an event that I personally lived through, and even to some extent participated in. While I was aware of the majority of the events that transpired, and the narratives with which each of the two sides viewed the nature of the conflict, there were still some fascinating bits that I did not know or had completely forgotten, and it was interesting to look at the situation with fresh eyes. Back then, I was a “big blocker”, though of a pragmatic medium-block variety that opposed extreme increases or absolutist claims that fees should never be allowed to rise significantly above zero? Do I still support the views I held at the time? I was looking forward to see and find out.

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