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Since the launch of smart contracts in September 2023, there has been a lot going on in the Radix ecosystem! Radix CMO Adam Simmons is here to get you up to speed and answer all your questions about what Radix is building and why!

AMA date & time: June 5th 2024 at 11:30am UTC

You can start leaving your questions below, u/Adam_XRD will answer from June 5th, 11:30 am UTC onward!

What is Radix?

Radix is a full-stack, layer-1 smart contract platform dedicated to providing a radically better Web3 experience for developers and the everyday user.

Founded in 2013 on the belief that the mass adoption of DeFi is hindered by a lack of scalability alongside poor user and developer experience, Radix has spent the last decade building a decentralized ecosystem that is infinitely scalable, easy to develop on, and simple enough for the everyday person to engage with.

With Radix, users can confidently use Web3 and DeFi to manage their assets and identities. For developers, Scrypto and Radix Engine provide a powerful and secure asset-oriented programming paradigm that allows builders to intuitively go from idea to production-ready dApps that their users will love.

Latest News:

Radix’s New $10 Million Ecosystem Fund Is Paving the Way for DeFi’s Mass Adoption Radix Foundry Program – incubating dApps in high-potential categories. Explore the Radix Ecosystem with Token Trek Radix Ecosystem Monthly Summary

Learn more about Radix:

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Join Radix

🔹Twitter 🔹[Telegram](http://@radix_dlt) 🔹Discord 🔹Reddit 🔹YouTube 🔹Website

There will be a giveaway of $50 worth of XRD to 1 lucky participant from this AMA.

P.S. The winner will be required to perform KYC to receive tokens. Good luck!

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