Transfer fee information and advice please!!

Transfer fees.

Is there really fees to transfer my crypto? I’m a newb here, I have a solid amount for a few months (IMO) but I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger getting it off an exchange because I don’t want to pay any fees.

I’m 99% sure I found the wallet I want but what gives? I’ll have to pay a fee to remove it from the exchange and then pay a fee to put it back on if need be?

Are the fees a lot? I also just don’t understand them at all and don’t really know where to look.

Isn’t crypto the future of currency? Trust me I’m sold on it. But I can Zelle fiat for free and instant, what gives?

Be kind, I’m learning. I just want to find a better understanding and learn more about wallets and transactions/fees. I’ve learned A LOT about the coins I’ve invested in but now I want to learn more.

Thank you!

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