New trezor phishing scam.

Hi Guys.

Just wanted to warn people:

Got this email. It came from “noreply @ everbridge . Net” and went to my junk folder. It’s a scam.

Basically it said I was earning through their staking program and I should now cancel it as it’s no longer supported.

The only thing that concerns me is I do use only trezor but not aware of any ”staking programs”. Just have my coins sitting there the last few years with no problems.

I’m more worried of the chance there’s a data breach that obtained users email addresses. Or perhaps it was just sent to thousands of email addresses presuming some of them use trezor…

Usually I’m not any way bothered by the scam crypto emails but this one hit a nerve for some reason. It triggered the ”something isn’t right instinct”. I wouldn’t be one to post on this sub every time i get a scam email. But In this case if it saves one person, it was worth it.

I contacted trezor and all I can say is I give them 10/10. They replied to email within 3 minutes thanking me for the report and confirming it’s a scam. Not a generic bot email.

Also, I wasn’t aware of the r/cryptoscams sub which is handy to keep an eye on just to keep up to date with these things.

(Reposting without screen shot to stay within the sub rules)

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