Thinking about giving up what I’ve invested to pay my student debt

I’d just don’t feel great about my current position in life. I love investing and believe in crypto 99% except that one percent trashy scam coins.

In my current life my situation makes my life feel stagnant like I’m doing nothing in my life to feel great about myself. I have student debt that choking me and I can’t even get back to school until everything is paid to zero. I’m gonna hate myself for doing this because I’m gonna miss my first bull run. I don’t know I want to wait any longer than just work a crappy retail job with debt constantly growing with spiked interest rates. Makes me sad because I don’t have anything going on in my life but work, student debt, bills and I’m only in my early 20s. I feel like I should wait it off but I don’t know what on Earth I can do right now.

I hate this feeling of wait things out and hope things get better or keep waiting and miss out things I’ve could’ve done to develop my life into something amazing long term.

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