Am I being scammed or did I make a really good friend?

FINAL UPDATE: I GOT MY MONEY BACK (plus $228)! It’s in my bank account now. Thank you for confirming my dumbness everyone haha. This should be pinned so I can be an example to everyone that may fall for this.

UPDATE: So I played dumb (I know, ironic) and got the USDT back to my BitGet wallet. How to I actually transfer this to my bank account?

NOTE: English is not my first language and I am not versed with crypto.

I have no exposure to crypto or coin trading before this week and I need some advice.

So I started talking to this guy online and we got to asking what we do. He said he trades USDT in his spare time and that he’s part of a team that (verbatim) “Our team needs to observe the daily K-line growth and trading volume of all listed currencies on the exchange, use quantitative calculation methods and analyze big data for comparison, so as to obtain the stability rate of the currency.”

I told him I’m interested and he offered to teach me how to trade. So he had me setup a BitGet wallet and buy USDT, and had me create an account with this trading platform via He tells me when to trade for a “sure” profit. I traded two times now and got a 20% profit each time.

I know that the BitGet wallet is mine alone and he won’t have access to it but I’m not too sure with I can transfer my USDT from there to my BitGet wallet but there’s this recharge activity wherein if I deposit and accumulate a certain USDT amount then I will get free USDT. He told me to take part in this activity to get the free USDT. It has different tiers, accumulate 6000USDT and get free 368USDT, 8000USDT get free 468USDT, so on. I looked up OKXcoin but all I’m getting is OKX and they don’t look to be related. Is he maybe wanting me to deposit more USDT so he can get it for himself?


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