Gonna have my position on FET (Fetch.AI) closed by the exchange in 2 hours and its deep in red

I did really well on FET earlier in the year with a nice 500% gain using leverage. I decided to re-enter a position with lower leverage in the proceeding weeks as the whole market dumped.

In a few days I believe, Fetch will be merging with Ocean Protocol and Singularity NET to form a new token called ASI. I was excited to hear this news, I believe it will be good. But I failed to understand that my exchange will close my position on FET automatically when I’m down 70%!

Im pissed. Im being forced to paper hand a position that negates all my previous gains in it. Hoping for a miracle pump in the next 2 hours so I can close it on a better note but it’s just going down.

Have any of you ever had this happen to you before?

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