China is not unbanning bitcoin / crypto, and if it were to be unbanned, you wouldn’t trust some rando on Twitter making scrupulous claims to promote new altcoins to do it. You’ll see it on a “” website.

So, without naming any names, the news post circulating around the sub that speculates about china unbanning crypto simply leads to one twitter user who bought a blue checkmark (hey, I did that too it’s not difficult, thanks elon! /s) and took a screenshot of what a Chinese user would see to KYC on a large exchange that happens to have a Chinese CEO. Oh, and that exchange is based in Singapore and has branch offices in Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

The following are banned for use in China:
Bitcoin / Crypto.
And many more things.

This is the important part: just because something is banned in China, does not mean that you cannot work for that company in China. Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of ASIC devices, is HQ’d in China for their engineers and biz-development guys, but they do their actual manufacturing in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. As a parallel, I am also aware that tons of crypto projects have dev teams that are based in China, but get paid in FIAT, Crypto or some combination of the two. However, cashing out crypto in China is probably far more risky than doing it abroad.

And finally, I have an undergraduate degree in Chinese language and literature, and lived in China for a total of 14 months of my life. Every time I see “China” and “unbanned” in the same sentence, I immediately roll my eyes because the people who write about this shit are spewing hopium, don’t speak chinese, and take posts from randos on twitter to support their claims.

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