It’s time to vote on multisig candidates!

The nomination period has ended and it’s time to vote on multisig candidates.

Per the established guidelines we will vote on the candidates on Snapshot. All candidates must reach 66% approval in order to be approved by the community to become a multisig key holder.

In total there are eight candidates who were nominated and are are qualified that would like to proceed with becoming part of the multisig, other candidates either declined or were not qualified. A minimum of five of these candidates will need 66% approval from the community to begin the process of setting up a multisig.

The candidates are as follows: (you can click the hyperlinked name to see their nomination post on CCMeta)

Jwinterm – The lead moderator of r/CryptoCurrency and current custodian of the community funds

Crypto Maximalist– Another top moderators of r/CryptoCurrency and major behind the scenes player in keeping the sub healthy and free of scams/abuse.

Cintre – Cintre has been a mod for nearly three years, and worked relentlessly before Reddit sunset their involvement in Moons to make sure users trying to game the system didn’t earn any Moons.

Mvea– One of the oldest account on Reddit (18+ years) and Long Time Mod, Mvea has been a mod of for nine months. As of late Mvea works tirelessly engaging with potential Sponsors to support Moon utility.

RickRibera – A recent addition to the mod team, Rick developed most of the logic for Special Memberships and will be one of the key players in restarting distributions.

GabeSter – A recent addition to the mod team, I intend on being a bridge between the mod team and the community to help keep the community informed.

Maxx3141– A participant of this sub for multiple years Maxx3141 was voted by the community as the friendliest r/CryptoCurrency Redditor in 2022.

Meeleen223 – Meeleen223 also known by their moniker ‘Meelen the Moon Bull’ is best known for their Moon Bull Posts/Comments before Reddit Sunset their involvement in Moons.

To vote go to and scroll through the open candidate polls to begin voting.

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