RWA surpasses the DEFI: Are we nearing the tipping point of a tokenization tidal wave?

Interestingly, the RWA tokenization trend has surpassed DeFi by nearly 50%! While DeFi’s total value locked (TVL) stands at $107 billion, the tokenized RWA trend is over $160 billion. As companies traditionally associated with TradFi start inspecting the scene, industry experts suggest that the RWA tokenization market may scale into the trillions, if not hundreds of trillions, of dollars.

RWA tokenization slashes costs by eliminating the need for intermediaries, reducing paperwork, and simplifying legal procedures. This makes dealing with assets not only more efficient but also more affordable, freeing up resources for you to invest in other opportunities. All this is done 24/7 in a true self-sovereign manner through the access of your non-custodial wallet.

The shift from DeFi to RWA tokenization is not about one surpassing the other but rather about the broader application of blockchain technology in transforming various facets of the financial system and beyond.

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